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The Birthing Gown

The Birthing Gown
The Birthing GownThe Birthing GownThe Birthing GownThe Birthing Gown

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Product Description
The "Johnny Coat" or hospital gown was developed during the last turn of the century for homeless indigents living in the streets of Boston. Nurses fashioned old hospital sheets to cover these John Doe's and today they are still used in hospitals.

The Birthing Gown (or Birthingown) was developed by Cindy Lintel, a labor and delivery nurse with over 25 years of experience and today still works at a Birthing Center in New York. After hearing from patients who wanted to be more comfortable during the birthing process, she created a medically appropriate garment for her clients.

The Birthing Gown was designed for ease of access for:

- Breastfeeding

- Massage

- Blood pressure

- EKGs

- Epidurals

- Other medical procedures

The soft jersey, wrap around styling allows you to wear it through your postpartum, as one size fits most.

Best part about The Birthing Gown, you don't have to worry about your booty catching wind. It has full back coverage.

Fabric choices are Blueberry Pie, Blush, Nightie Night and, after a request from Miss Snookie herself, Purrty Mama. They are a bit more expensive than other gowns on the market, but offer some great features such as:

- An armhole with new stretch thread and stitch technology creating more support and a snugger fit.

- Velcro re-design: By moving the Velcro opening upwards to the shoulder crest, the opening is no longer visible. And now the Velcro serves as a pull down instead of a pull up, making breastfeeding access even easier than before.

- The “PadPocket”! It is a hidden pocket within the lining of the bodice for discreet breast pad placement.

- Deep pockets with reinforced holes in order to feed fetal monitoring tubes and wires. A great way to manage cords! (As of October 2014)

With so many hospital gowns available to women these days, its good to know that this one was designed by an industry expert!

This gown makes THE PERFECT shower gift, skip the registry and buy her a gift that she will not only USE, but love you for!