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Post C-Section

Once you’ve gotten through nine long months and welcomed home your little newborn, you’ll have just one more hurdle to overcome—dealing with the postpartum discomfort and looking forward to getting your body back in shape. We understand that recovering from a Caesarian section is difficult, and that’s why we’ve carefully chosen this product line, which includes a post C-section girdle, postpartum undergarments, and other incision care items. You have to take care of yourself, too!

You may be particularly interested in an abdominal binder after pregnancy, which can help you get your tummy back to normal. We carry the Atlas 2 in 1 Pregnancy and Postpartum band, which serves as both a belly support band to ease aches during pregnancy, then converts to an abdominal binder to help regain strength and support in your stomach muscles. An abdominal binder after C-section delivery may help minimize the scarring.

Other items that will help you start to feel like yourself again include our stretchmark minimizing cream, the cooling tummy wrap, and our C-section underwear that offers outstanding incision care. Shop BellyButtonBoutique.com for all the products you need to take care of you!