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C-Panty Tummy Cut Incision Care

C-Panty Tummy Cut Incision Care
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Product Description
C-section panties are a must for any woman who is planning a c-section (or had an emergency c-section). Healing from this type of procedure can be painful, especially with traditional underwear waistbands digging into the incision area. Add to that, the lack of compression on the belly. This is why we love this product.

C-Panty, The After Cesarean Underwear® is a non-binding, postpartum, post c-section underwear that helps with scarring and its symptoms. It is designed for swelling, scarring, sensitivity, tenderness and gives a slimming effect to the postpartum body.

A high-quality, pull-on and go panty (all we moms have time for!), C-Panty utilizes an incision area support panel as well as an inner silicone layer. Its innovative patent pending design is just the way to control swelling and hold in that little incision "pooch" while providing a compressive, moisture retaining area for minimizing scar appearance and symptoms.

Designed by a two-time C-section mom with a team of therapists, surgeons and other C-moms, C-Panty incorporates technology from Bio Med Sciences www.silon.com, an award winning company specializing in wound care and scar management. C-Panty is also made in the USA with a premium, nylon and spandex blend fabric that provides the perfect amount of shaping and compression without feeling like a boa-constrictor control panty!

Designed to flatter and fit the post-partum mom, it is not a granny panty, but not too skimpy either. C-Panty is seamless, full cut rear, and washable.

Interior silicone scar management panel made with Silon-TEX

Moderate support and compression

Lightweight compression panel

Non-binding fluted waistband

Reinforced cotton crotch

Panty fabric is 92% nylon and 8% spandex

Full cut rear


Machine Washable - Delicate

Due to sanitary requirements, undergarments are non-returnable.