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Daily Local News - January 2011

Daily Local News - January 2011
Perfect timing

Published: Sunday, January 02, 2011

By Andy Edwards, Staff Writer

TREDYFFRIN — Theo and Thabita Kaberidis couldn't have scripted a better way to ring in the new year.

At 1:43 a.m. Saturday, the couple gave birth to a daughter, Manuela, the first baby born in Chester County in 2011.

She was born at Paoli Hospital two days before her due date and three hours after Thabita went into labor. Her timing turned out to be perfect —Manuela entered the world just two minutes before the county's first boy was born just a few rooms away.

"It's the best way to start our new year," Thabita said.

Two days earlier, Thabita had been sent home from the hospital after a false alarm. The contractions started again on Friday, so Theo rushed her to the hospital, and the rest is a special piece of history.

"We feel lucky that we have her," Theo said. "All her life she's going to say the date that she was born, and it's going to be 1-1-11."

Manuela is the couple's second child.

Her older brother, Giorgios, is 2˝ years old, and according to the parents, he was ecstatic at the birth of his baby sister.

"He hugged her and kissed her and said, 'I love you,'" Thabita said.

Theo and Thabita have been married for three years and live in Berwyn. Theo works in construction, while Thabita is a stay-at-home mom. In addition to her unique birthdate, Manuela is the product of a unique heritage that is equal parts Greek and Brazilian. The couple said they are extremely proud of their daughter's status as the first baby in the county for the new year, and they said they were overjoyed to welcome Manuela into their family.

"It's a love you can't explain when you have your kids," Thabita said.

To supplement the love and support they are receiving from family members, the family will also enjoy a gift package worth $825 from several local businesses.

Karla Trotman, the owner of BellyButtonBoutique.com, an online baby products and services store, first posed the idea at the Happy and Healthy Mom Fair at the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia in September.

The event, which her company co-sponsored, offered prizes and information designed to empower and support mothers, and turned out to be an ideal venue for Trotman to suggest to several local businesses that they collaborate on a gift for the first baby born in the county.

The package includes, among other prizes, gift certificates toward post-partum products and baby planner services, three months of health coaching from Healthy Fit Girl, and plenty of free birth announcements.

With the addition of a healthy baby to their happy family, the Kaberidis' enter the new year on the highest of notes, and they can't wait to take their daughter home with them.

Thanks to some good luck and timing, they'll have one special little girl with them when they do.

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