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For many women, getting their body back in shape after their pregnancy can be a challenge. From pregnancy weight gain to diastasis, there are a number of problems new mothers encounter. At Belly Button Boutique we offer a variety of products to help in the transition, including books, DVDs and the Tupler Technique rehabilitation program.

For those unfamiliar with diastasis (DIE-'AS-TA-SIS), it is a condition where your outer most abdominal muscles (transverse) are separated, stretching the vertical connective tissue that holds them together. It causes the look of a "mummy tummy" because your internal organs are not supported and are pressing against the connective tissue. This diastasis rehab program helps bring your transverse muscles back to center and heals the connective tissue.

If you’re suffering from diastasis following your pregnancy, we offer a variety of rehabilitation gift packs that include the Lose Your Mummy Tummy DVD along with a variety of diastasis products like splits, resistance bands, and guidebooks. Shop now and let Belly Button Boutique help you get your old belly back!