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Julie Tupler's Perfect Pushing DVD

Julie Tupler's Perfect Pushing DVD
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Product Description
Perfect Pushing DVD

Used by singer Jewel during her pregnancy

This DVD is part of the Tupler Technique family of products and is a program proved to be very successful in “preparing women for the marathon of labor.”

Pushing correctly during delivery not only gets the baby out faster, it will prevent the diastasis recti (separation of the abdominal muscles) from getting larger as well as preventing stress to the pelvic floor.

Pregnant women will learn the 4 step of the Tupler Technique® Program and how it can be incorporated into pushing in labor as well as into other exercise modalities and activities of daily living. They will also learn about muscle splinting during pregnancy and in labor and how to check the diastasis for size and condition of connective tissue.

Wearing a Splint

Women can wear a splint during pregnancy. If they are uncomfortable wearing this, they can just hold a splint when doing the seated and back lying exercises starting in week four of the program. It is especially important to hold a splint when pushing in labor. Bringing the muscles together will put the uterus in the proper position.


“As an obstetrician/gynecologist and being pregnant for the first time, I joined Julie Tupler's Maternal Fitness class. Julie is a wonderful instructor, she is very patient, encouraging and has perfected her technique. The exercises were relatively easy to learn and they strengthened the abdominal muscles so well that each effort was maximized. I used the Tupler Technique during my labor and the results were remarkable. I pushed for only 23 minutes! I would highly recommend any woman who is facing one of the most natural, wonderful and most challenging experiences of her life to learn the Julie Tupler technique.” Teresa Lazar, MD (OB/GYN)

"I have been working with Julie Tupler over the past twelve years. I enthusiastically refer my pregnant patients to her Maternal Fitness® Program. In my experience, her clients are well prepared mentally and physically for labor. Her regimen of abdominal exercises makes for more efficient pushing, and for a more rapid postpartum recovery." Gae Rodke , MD (NY OB/GYN)

"I am writing in behalf of a colleague and friend, Ms Julie Tupler. I have known Ms Tupler for many years and have referred patients to her and her company, Maternal Fitness. I have received only excellent feedback both anecdotally, and of course, by witnessing firsthand, how well my patients respond in labor to her exercise and conditioning techniques. She and her staff have a great method of communicating to their clients so that the women they train feel in control of their bodies, both during and after delivery. She has helped to make a difficult and often frightening experience for many, not only manageable, but enjoyable. I can say this with absolute assurance, since I was one of her clients. Her coaching in abdominal wall strengthening and control played a large role in my wonderful delivery of Zoe Eleni. For all these reasons, I recommend her and her associates at Maternal Fitness wholeheartedly as a part of an excellent ante partum and postpartum education experience.” Ellen Manos, M.D. (NY OB/GYN)

"An innovative and dynamic program that could be enjoyed by both pregnant and non-pregnant women alike." Raul Artal, M.D, FACOG (ACOG- Chair of Scientific Program/Professor and Chairman, College of Medicine, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, SUNY Health & Science Center)

Dear Julie, Please accept the March of Dimes thanks for participating in the Babies and You Video Series. This project is very important to the March of Dimes because it will allow us to provide important preconception and prenatal health information to individuals in all areas of the country. The videos will be distributed to worksites, community –based organizations and health care providers through our local chapters. Thanks again for your support of our efforts. Susan Clifford, Manager, Worksite Programs, March of Dimes