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Many women feel nervous or anxious about delivering their baby. After 9 months of waiting, it all comes down to that final push. At BellyButtonBoutique.com, we offer products that will help women through the labor process by providing them with comfort when they need it most. With products like birthing gowns and neck cooling wraps, some of laborís discomfort can be relieved naturally.

In addition to garments and accessories, BellyButtonBoutique.com also offers informational DVDs like Julie Tuplerís Perfect Pushing. This DVD explores all 4 steps of the Tupler Technique and helps mothers to be strengthen their abdominal muscles for faster delivery and improved recovery. The Tupler Technique has successfully prepared many women for the ďmarathon of laborĒ and now it can help you too.

For more information about any of our labor products, feel free to contact us. We will be glad to answer your questions and help make your delivery process a little less stressful.