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SexCies CorCelette

SexCies CorCelette
SexCies CorCeletteSexCies CorCeletteSexCies CorCeletteSexCies CorCelette
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Product Description

SexCies is an answered prayer for all women who want to feel comfortable wearing lingerie. Originally developed for women dealing with the postpartum c-section "shelf" or "skin droop", this product has been helping women who have had cancer removal surgery, hysterectomy, appendectomy, gallbladder removal surgery, and women who have excess skin due to aging or significant weight loss.

Comprised of Satin D’hauteur (an imported weighted satin), with high performance stretch knit fabric and underlying powernet, this garment is made sturdy but looks delicate and feminine.

You can customize your Corcelette by selecting the lacing and eyelets along with your size.

Lacing options:
Satin ribbon: (3/8 inch) Shiny, smooth texture for a decorative flirty look
Grosgrain ribbon: (3/8 inch) A tight, sturdy weave with a glossy ridge texture
Corset lacing: (1/4 inch) Flat knit lace, soft and flexible yet sturdy — great for more activity in the bedroom (or other rooms!)

Eyelet options

How to measure for the Corcelette:
Step 1:
Find your natural waist by standing in front of a mirror (better to do it naked, bare skin gives the best measurement*), bending at your side(gently, if you are postpartum), and putting your finger where the crease forms. That is your natural waistline. It should be above the belly-button and below the ribcage.

Step 2:
Standing straight, wrap a measuring tape around your waist, making sure it is level and not pinching into the skin. Do not suck in you belly. Write this number down, it is your waist size.

-If you are in between sizes, order the next waist size up.
-It is best to get your hip size also to determine the best fit. Enter your hip size in the message/notes section during check out, so we can fit you better.

Hip Measurement:
Wrapping a tape measure around the largest part of your hips and buttox, making sure the tape is snug (but not tight) and level. Write this down.

The Hip Tip: If your hips measurement is 10” greater or more than your waist measurement, go to the next waist size up. For example, if you have a 34” waist and a 45” hip, then order a 35” waist CorCelette.

The Postpartum Tip: We know that everyone’s weightloss is at a different pace in the postpartum period. We made all SexCies adjustable to help out with that! Sexcies’s “adjustability” helps with the fluctuations during this time. If you are eager to use your lingerie between the 6 week to 4 month postpartum period, we recommend wearing thin support garment underneath, as the space between the lacing on the sides may be greater than usual.

If your waist size in inches is smaller than the fullest part of your tummy, measure both and take the average of the two. For instance, if your waist is 31 in. and your tummy is 36 in., order a 33.

SexCies Sizing
We want your SexCies to fit you like a glove! Unfortunately, there has been a growing trend in the industry, called “vanity sizing”. Consequently, there is no conformity along sizes; one size 8 may be another size 12!

To solve this problem, SexCies uses a more “European” approach to sizing; we think that everybody’s body is different and requires special attention for a better fit.

*Tip: If your hips are more than 10 inches bigger than your waist, order a size bigger.

Care Instructions:
Hand Wash Cold
Lay Flat to Dry
Panty Portion May Be Machine Washed On Cold setting

Return and Exchange Policy
Due to hygiene laws, we unfortunately are not permitted to accept the return of intimate apparel products. However, because the panty is packaged separately, you may exchange for another size provided that:

1. The panty package has not been opened;
2. You try on your Corcelette with your own undergarments on;
3. The tags are still intact.

***If there is evidence that this product has been used, you will not be granted and exchange/return.