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Carrying a child for nine months is hard work. Unfortunately, the work doesn’t end once the baby has arrived. No one understands this more than BellyButtonBoutique.com and that is why we stock a full selection of postpartum recovery products. All of the products we carry are made specifically for new mothers to help them with all aspects of early motherhood.

At BellyButtonBoutique.com, we have products to help young mothers through every part of postpartum life. If you’re looking for support as you regain your abdominal strength and tone, our Atlas 2-in-1 Pregnancy and Postpartum Band is the perfect postpartum belly wrap. This belly wrap offers support during both the pregnancy and postpartum period. Nursing can be a challenge, and that’s why we offer a full line of nursing pads too. Take a look at BellyButtonBoutique.com today to see everything we have to offer!